My George Clooney rule

How to compose your photograph…

My “George Clooney Rule”.
If you want you can rename it to another name which meet better your preferences.

Here the rule:
Before to snap, think about:

what’s my subject?

  • this nice landscape


  • George Clooney on the other-side of the street?


I can assure you that your wife will prefer the photograph of George!
She will says later… “Look! Our last holidays in Singapore, we meet George there… he he”.
And your friends will says: - why he is so small? - I cannot really see him! - Were you not able to go near of him or to zoom on him? - Painful I like him so much!”

The answer of the photographer is…

  • bad landscape because of foreign objects disturbing the view and
  • bad portrait too because the person(s) is (are) too small…

This rule can be used in many photograph situation. Let’s work your imagination!

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