Compose your photograph

Compose your photograph

The time has changed, before ten years ago photography was something for amateurs, today everybody has a digital camera. At least on his mobilefon.

Lot of peoples thinks that a good picture is depending of the camera they use! “NO” it depends only of the photographer! Nothing todo with the hardware! You and only you are responsible of a bad shoot! not your cam… :)

A good photograph means a well composed snap of the subject and optimal lights and shadows.
Good photographs can be made with any camera, starting from the integrated camera of a mobilefon until to professional camera of 10.000 € and more.

What do you need?

  • A little bit of technique:  how to use your camera – see the manual.
  • a lot of chance to be at the right time at the right place.
  • imagination, let’s your mind flying or looks in magazines, photography site on the internet to see how other photographs works.
  • creativity – how to compose your photograph.

I’m 3d-designer so photography is a part of my job but also my first hobby.

I see every days lots of photographs, lot of peoples ask me tips, especially how to develop their digital pictures. So I decided to make some tutorials about:

  • compose your photographs.
  • digital imaging – how to easy and faster develop my digital pictures.

Here is my first tip about compose your photographs.

It’s a rule and I named it  ”the George Clooney Rule”.
what’s my subject? - this nice landscape or “George Clooney” on the other-side of the street?
I can assure you that your wife will prefer the photograph of George!
She will says later… “Look! Our last holidays in Singapore, we meet George there… he he”.
And your friends will says: - why he is so small? - I cannot really see him! - Were you not able to go near of him or to zoom on him? - Painful I like him so much!”
The answer of the photographer is… – bad landscape and bad portrait photograph too…

You want to learn more about “photographs composing and digital imaging” then take a look at our Tips site…

Wish you a lot of fun in snapping and says my regards to George Clooney if  you meet him… :)

Your comments will be appreciated.

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