Eliminate distracting elements…

This is the first tutorial of a serial about “How to compose photographs”

Remember my “George Clooney rule” and look at this photograph…

1) What is bad in this Photograph?

Signs, extra people, trash, or bright colors are especially distracting elements that you should try to eliminate. In essence, your photo is a mini-story – make sure the story you’re telling comes through to the viewer.

Edit as you shoot!

Take your time, peoples will gone and change your perspective of view.

2) That ‘s much better !

No people and no more signs on left side.

But it could be a little bit better!

Adjust the picture’s composition by shifting the camera from side to side or up or down.

3) Perfect shoot!

Very good composition! Nice perspective, I like it!

But ?

What is your subject? I know it! Because I know my wife and her interest for flowers…
If your goal is to show the flowers then try to go closer or Zoom on your subject.


4) Here is a Crop to the subject.

Yeah! or Not?

Ok my eyes are automatically directed to the subject but the picture looks chaotic, too much greens, less of sky.

No! a crop is not the solution in that case! The full photograph (Picture N° 3) is much better as this crop.
So I want to say that when you take a shoot, you should not think that you can make change later in computer.
Wrong meaning! Cropping, masking and retouching in computer take a lot of time works and the result will never be so good as an original shoot!

The right and only way is to change your perspective of view. Hold your cam on your eyes and move to your subject, look for a better perspective.
In that case they are grapes of flowers, may be a shoot from the bottom to the sky will a better perspective.
I know, that’s not easy, personally I have the same problem! I also see my mistakes later when I open the pictures in my computer. But then it’s too late!




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